Sunday, November 23, 2008

'Tis the Season


I love the cold weather, I love the beautiful white stuff that floats from the atmosphere, I love the Christmas season, the trees, the lights hanging in windows and off gutters(no matter if some of my peeps think they're cheesy - SCROOGES!!), I love the fantasy that children have of "Santa Claus" dropping from the sky and falling down their chimney. I love everything there is about the Winter season - EXCEPT shopping!!

I went to the Florence Y'all Mall yesterday with Danielle and her friend to start my Christmas shopping and do my part to help with our dwindling economy. I knew exactly what I wanted and exactly where to go to get it, but when I got there, there were hoards of people. I thought the economy was so bad that there would be NOONE out there spending their hard earned money. Gee, was I wrong. Everywhere you turn, there's people, waiting to catch the glimpse of the person behind the counter for help with video games, waiting to check out, babies crying from being strapped in their stroller for hours on end, Moms fussing at Dad's because she KNOWS the kid really needs one more set of Lego's or one more Barbie. All I wanted was to purchase 4 small items for young cousins, and it took me 5.5 hours to get out of that stupid mall. Is all this frustration really worth ruining this wonderful season?????

Next year (as with all years past), I hope I remember this and start my shopping in July!!!!!!!

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Try Amazon sometime.