Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6, 1994

Yes, at 1 a.m., you were ready...but I wasn't. I was trying to get a good nights sleep, but you were not going for that....By 1:30a.m., we were heading to the hospital, watch in hand, timing the contractions, 5 minutes apart and 30 miles away from the hospital, just great.......The fun had already begun. Upon arrival at the hospital, contractions were 4 minutes apart and my nerves were already SHOT!! Nurses rushing around me telling me to "breathe" and all I wanted to do was hold my breath and PUSH!!!! After a shot of demerol and what seemed like a 20" needle shoved in my spine, all was good (for ME at the time anyway) Then after relaxing a bit and thinking this was going to be a breeze, the pushing began..... 3 hours later, you were finally here with me, all red and wrinkly.

That day, my dear Danielle, was the first day of the best part of my life. You have brought me sooo much joy and happiness (the grief and grey hair goes along with this, but well worth it!). I am so glad that you are my daughter and I am very proud of the person that you are becoming!

I love you very much, Danielle!!!
HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

How sweet. Happy belated Birthday, Danielle! Jen