Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mothers Day

I went to Eastern KY last weekend with huge intentions of visiting my moms gravesite for 3 reasons:

1. Saturday, May 3 would have been her 63rd birthday
2. The following Sunday would be Mothers' Day and

Those intentions were demolished with fear, anxiety, and frustration because I can't seem to make myself deal with the fact of never being able to ask the advice of my mom, or tell her about the latest and greatest love that's gone wrong (and hear that he wasn't worthy anyway), or about the bad day at work or the wonderful day that I had with her granddaughter. I would never wish upon anyone that they loose their mom. I get so angry when I hear others disrespecting their mom - sometimes I speak my mind and remind them that someday their "Best Friend" will not be with them any longer and to cherish the time that they have with their mother.

I guess I had the same BAD attitude when Mom made me mad or wouldn't let me do what I wanted to do, but now I long to have just one more day or hour or minute with my mom.

It's now been 6 years, and it just hasn't gotten any easier...I don't imagine it ever will..

The reason for this post is to remind you all to love your mom while you can, because you never know when the last time you gave her a hug or a kiss or told her you loved her will be the last time...

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